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IT Staffing

P eople that handle your mission-critical systems matter as much as the systems themselves. We don’t just recruit to fill your short-term and long-term positions, we qualify them for success.

As technologists and business specialists, we know first-hand the cutting-edge software, applications, and technology trends that are relevant to your technology staffing and specific industry staffing needs. Whether its application development, infrastructure, or mobile resources, we guarantee the best and brightest to help you deliver on your projects. Give us your IT Staffing requirement today.

Green Fin Technologies provide the perfect IT staffing solutions for your developing needs people who fit your specific organization.

Salient Feature

  • We staff vertical industries thus we understand the business, culture, and need of each industry.
  • We are technologists whose staffing expertise comes from our in-house technical staffing achievements.
  • We are a full service IT staffing firm that strives from building client relationships in order to better understand their company culture, environments, and business needs.

Simplified Process

Green Fin Technologies is highly specialized in IT staffing because we are a global, full-service agile consulting firm. We provide the perfect IT staffing solutions for your developing needs people who fit your specific organization. Our team of experienced IT staffing managers handles all skill levels of IT consultants, from basic to niche and entry-level candidates to seasoned veterans.


No project is too big or small. We can staff any length of project at any position level from help desk to c-level. Uniquely, if after a six month contract, you decide to take one of our IT Staffing consultants on full-time, our contract-to-hire placement has no additional fee. This staffing option gives you the chance to test drive before you buy and make sure you are making the right investment for your team.

Qualified Staff

In addition to our homegrown database of IT resumes, our skilled technical recruiters will source and pre-screen the best candidates for your open position. With our 24 hour resume turn around, you will be presented with only the top three most qualified candidates. If you are dissatisfied with our results, we will take your feedback, research and present new candidates within 24 hours. We call this process Green Fin Technologies Success Guarantee.

Commitment to Innovation & Excellence

New technologies develop overnight and Green Fin Technologies IT Staffing is constantly growing our pool of consultants to represent new and in-demand skill sets.

We are working to ensure that new technologies are a source of growth, profitability, and competitive advantage for our customers. Green Fin Technologies is consistently on the forefront of groundbreaking technology like iPhone/Android, Open Source languages/databases, Online Analytics, Web 2.0, earning us noteworthy honors in the industry year after year.

Green Fin Technologies is trusted by various organizations of different size across business sectors -- we understand intricacies associated with IT placement and deliver the people and results you need. Hire for tomorrow’s needs, not just today’s.

Give us your IT Staffing requirement today. Your new consultant is one click away.

Terms & Conditions

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: We sign NDA with each client to protect client branding, disclosure of projects, source codes and their customers.
  • Flexible Timing: Staff will work during the defined working time frame provided by the client.
  • Experience: We shall ensure candidates posses minimum 2 years of experience in the relevant technology.
  • Payment Terms: Pre-payments preferred but negotiable.
  • Closure: Staff/Client will give one month notice in case of closure.

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